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The egg is nature’s most perfect design.



For the chatting partner, I have selected an olive tree growing near my home. As it was said, this tree was rescued from death and transplanted in a new location, not far from the spot where it used to grow, in the area of a small town near Jerusalem. It is 2000 years old, and it "remembers" the time when it was surrounded by ancient Hebrew speech. Later, Hebrew ceased to be a spoken language, until its revival in the same land in the late 19th century. Therefore, the speech of this ancient olive tree sounds particularly impressive after being translated into Hebrew.

A simple webcam with a highly sensitive microphone, which has been installed on the branches of the tree, transmits the image of the leaves and the sound of their rustling to the mobile device. The resulting sound graph is then transformed by the software into a stream of digits, which is simultaneously a stream of Hebrew letters. Then, through the use of a special code, this stream is broken into individual words, which appear as a text message in the chat.

Video of the App


Near the tree is a sign that reads: “The tree was acquired through a Jewish donor. The tree grew in the Biblical village Raba in the Lower Galilee, now known as Tarbi Arava. The tree age is 2000 years. It was planted by our Biblical forefathers that lived in Raba”.


Galina Bleikh sets up a video camera among the leaves of the olive tree.


Screens of My Friend Olive Tree Application (in the order corresponding to the sequence of actions).





The KidyMindy app is aimed at developing the spatio-visual, logical, and critical thinking of children aged 6 and older, and it may also be of interest to adults. It presents visual, non-verbal tasks based on abstract shapes in a playful format. Our approach does not require the user to have reading and conversational skills, and this makes KidyMindy culturally neutral and language-independent.
To represent the navigation and the logical hints, we have created an intuitive-visual language of our own, which consists of animated shapes and color scenarios. All this enables the child to use the app without parental involvement, learning to think independently and with pleasure.

The modern world has become fascinated with the development of artificial intelligence. But will its emergence retard the development of human intelligence? And can we improve our children’s intellects? Some experts assert that the intellect remains unchanging throughout the life of the individual, while others claim that it can be improved. 
We believe that the human mind is no worse than a computer in terms of learning capability, and that, in many cases, its capabilities actually exceed those of the computer. However, when we fail to exercise our brain, it begins to grow lazy. On the other hand, when it has successfully completed a difficult task, it feels a rush of joy: “I’ve done it!”

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