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Galina Bleikh

Galina works in New Media Art: digital art concepts, 3d, AR and VR, Bio-art, video art, web art, generative art, etc. She is interested in how the new artificial reality can interact with us through art.

Galina’s creative activity also includes a mutual project with Elena Serebryakova (since 2011). The duo of artists developed the concept of “The Simulacro-Centric World” based on their creative method, which they called “The Hybrid Neural Network Art” (HNN Art

Galina graduated from the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry (MA). Since 1993, Galina Bleikh has lived in Jerusalem.

As a New Media artist Galina takes part in many solo and group exhibitions and contemporary art conferences worldwide. Among them: ArtPlatform On, South Korea (2022), The CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea (2021), KZ Gallery for VR, Russia, (1920), NordArt, Germany (2019), Xposed Gallery, New York (2019), Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2018), Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (2018), LA Art Show USA (2013), Artco France Gallery, Paris, France (2012), Art Asia Miami, USA (2011), etc.



Solo Exhibitions


2021 – SIMULACRO-CENTRIC WORLD. CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea (with Elena Serebryakova).
2020 – REINCARNATION ZERO. KZ gallery for Virtual Reality, St. Petersburg (with Elena Serebryakova).
2019 – POP UTOPIA. Xposed Gallery, Highline @ 19th str. New-York (with Elena Serebryakova).
2017 – 999 Art Project. Gallery 153, St. Petersburg, Russia (with Elena Serebryakova).
2016 – POP UTOPIA. Inner Voice Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (with Elena Serebryakova).
2015 – FREEDOM TO THE FROGS! Video Performance, Old Manson, St. Petersburg (with Elena Serebryakova).
2014 – POP ASIA. Solo Exhibition. G-77 Gallery, Kyoto, Japan (with Elena Serebryakova).
2012 – POP ASIA. Solo Exhibition. Artco France Gallery, Paris, France (with Elena Serebryakova).
2010 – Big Gallery, Beit Gabriel on Kinneret, Israel.
2004 – Remember where you came from. Video installation, The New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
1999 – Temple of Sensuality. Installation/performance, The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel.
1996 – Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.
1991 – Leleco Art Gallery, London.


Group Exhibitions

2024 – PERSPECTIVES 2024. CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea.

2023 – The Metaverse International Multimedia Exhibition and Art Exhibition, VI Biennale of Jerusalem.
            Co-curator and participating artist. 

         – Nomada Digital Art: Flying over Borders. International Exhibition, VI Jerusalem Biennale,
            "Harmony"  Jerusalem Cultural Center. Co-curator and participating artist.

2022 – Miro Center and LeeLeeNAM Media Art Museum, Gwangju. Hosted by International Visual Culture Art Association. Curated by Noh Jungsuk. Israeli artists curator: Natalya Kamenetsky.  (video)

2022 – TRANSFORMATION DIFFICULTIES. Tel Aviv Artists House, Israel.

(with Elena Serebryakova).
2021 – III International Triennial of Contemporary Graphics in Novosibirsk, Russia.
2021 – ARTIST STATEMENT #6. CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea
2020 – RESHUFFLE. Virtual Exhibition curated by Adi Yoffe, trendolog, Tel Aviv.
2019 – NordArt, Germany (with Elena Serebryakova).
2018 – STREET ART WONDERLAND. Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (with Elena Serebryakova).
         – SHOP IT! Haifa Museum of Art, Israel.
2017 – POP AUSTIN International Art Show. Texas, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2016 – POP AUSTIN International Art Show. Texas, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2015 – POP AUSTIN. International Art Show. Texas, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2014 – POP AUSTIN. International Art Show. Texas, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2013 – LA ART SHOW. Los-Angeles, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
         – ART HAMPTON. New York, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2011 – ART ASIA MIAMI. Miami, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
         – SELECTION ARTFAIR BASEL. Basel, Switzerland (with Elena Serebryakova).
         – ART CHICAGO WITH NEXT. Chicago, USA (with Elena Serebryakova).
2010 – Group Exhibition. Cultural Center (Heichal Tarbut), Rishon Le-Tzion, Israel.
2009 – Sea Level. II International Independent Art Festival, Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, St. Petersburg.
         – Home. Group Exhibition. Apart Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
         – Art Force-1. Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel.
2008 – Exhibition of Cellcom Art Competition Winners. Ramat-Gan Art Museum, Israel.
         – Group Ya Exhibition. Borey gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2007 – Batteries not Included: Mind as Machine. Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery, England.
         – The Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Centre for the art of RGGU, Moscow. Russia.
2006 – The New Exhibition Hall. Home Exhibition Project. St. Petersburg, Russia.
         – The First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Home Exhibitions Project. Moscow, Russia.
2003 – Translations. Performance/video, Performance-art center Biniyan Merkazim, Tel Aviv, Israel.
         – Can you Can it? Installation, Osaka Triennale of Arts, Japan (under name Antro Aum).
2000 – Love Story. (“33x33”), Installation, The Artists House, Jerusalem.
1999 – A Harvest of Pomegranates, Ashdod Museum of Arts; Sadna Leamanut Gallery, Yavne, Israel.
         – Is there Reality to Repose? (“Tight Rope/Balance” Exhibition) Installation/ performance/video, Arad Museum of Arts and Bat-Yam Museum, 
1998 – Originality for eating. Installation/performance, “Open Video” Festival, Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Cinematheques, Israel.
         – Samson and Dalilah. The Opera House, Tel Aviv, Israel (under name Antro Aum).
         – Playing Bosch. Performance. Jerusalem Theatre Festival, Israel (under name Antro Aum).
         – Installation. Festival of Experimental Arts. Manez Exhibition Hall, St.-Petersburg, Russia.
1997 – Translations. From the far. International Festival of Arts “Stone in Galilee”, Ma’alot, Israel.
         – Samson and Dalilah today. Installation/performance, Ashdod Museum of Arts, Israel.
         – Object at Dizengoff Center. Installation/performance, Gross Gallery, Dizengoff Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1988 – 21 Artists from the Fellowship for Experimental Art Exhibition (The first non-conformist exhibitions of Russian artists abroad). Route One Gallery, California, USA.
1983–1991 – a number of TEII (non-conformist art) group Exhibitions, Borey Gallery Exhibitions, “Da-Net” Theater performances, Leningrad, Russia.




  • Universitat Wien. Galina Bleikh & Lilia Chak. "We and Elfriede Jelinek are on the same morphological plane“ Über die zensierte Ausstellung FERROR und Bezüge zu Jelinek (in English).

Awards & Prizes

2022 – Diploma of Laureate of International Festival "Around The World: Art Without Borders".

2021 – 1st Degree Diploma of XXIV International Festival “SOLART” – 2021.
2019 – Prize of "Yotzrim" Art Foundation for the Pop Leaders art project.
2017 – Diploma and medal by Russian Academy of Architecture for the design of the book “The Art of Urban Planning.“
2009 – Diploma “Art of Book – 2009” by Association of Publishers of Russia for the design of the book poet A. Altshuler.
2008 – The first prize of Cellcom company "Tarbut" art competition.
1997 – Diploma of Alternative Video Festival, Jerusalem.

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The Catalog of the "PERSPECTIVES 2024" Exhibition. CICA Museum, S. Korea, 

International "ArtPlatform On" Exhibition, VI Biennale of Jerusalem
Online Flipbook ( page 42
Online Flipbook ( page 74

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The Catalog of PopAustin International Art show, USA, 2014


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The Catalog of POP ASIA Solo Exhibition. Artco France Gallery, Paris, 2012


Exhibitions Photo Gallery

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