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In the 4D, knots are left behind! (VR Visualization)

After putting on VR glasses, the visitor finds himself in an endless space filled with vertical luminous strings, each tied into a knot. The visitor can "untie" each knot by touching them with his virtual hands. Thus, you can go around the whole space and untie all the knots. Untying knots is the most powerful metaphor for liberation from energy tension in our world.

In VR, there are no physical limitations. Surfaces penetrate each other freely, so that, for example, one does not have to look for the “correct” cord to untie a knot: the cords – and objects in general – can just dissolve into one another. In light of this, I suggest that VR can serve as a model of the 4th dimension and thus make it accessible for our visual perception. At any rate, untying knots in VR doesn't take much.

Knots live in the 3-dimensional space only. Based on the Knot Theory, one cannot tie knots in the 4D. In our visible 3D reality, however, we have to invest efforts to untie things, and yet we do not always succeed in doing so.

Normally, humans are not able to sense the 4th dimension. Are there any means that still could help us gain this experience?

Galina Bleikh_VR_visualization2.jpg

Reincarnation Zero

(VR project together with KZ gallery)

Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova

Sound: Nikolay Serebryakov (Koyla)

The Reincarnation Zero project invites you on a journey into a "galaxy" that is constructed along the lines of the typical interface of a 3-dimensional computer program. In it, our 3-dimensional objects are born and live, like planets. We find ourselves in a complex, structured space, with the ability to designate any object as the center of the world by moving the pivot point (the zero point of the x, y, and z axes) into it. And each time, the "galaxy" resumes its revolution according to the laws of this new system of coordinates.

Doesn't the same happen to us whenever we undergo some cardinal change of consciousness? We then find ourselves in a different system of coordinates – and, seemingly, in a world new to us. Such is, for instance, our current experience of living under conditions of a pandemic, which has "reset" our familiar reality to zero.



Augmented Reality Effect (AR)

Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova

The art-work “Hava” by Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova is supplemented by elements of AR-technology. Visitors could download the free app Devar Live (available on Google Play and AppStore) and observe the "revived" picture through their smartphone camera. The viewer sees as the raptor, which Hava keeps on her hands, comes out of the picture plane, becomes "real" three-dimensional and moving, and then jumps down to the floor and begins to interact with people. An impressive sense of presence has been made possible through the use of augmented reality technology, as well as technology markerless interaction of the virtual object and the real world around.

The artists consider their art-work as a dialogue with the painting of Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine," which depicts a woman with a white fluffy ermine on her hands as a representation of the feminine. The idea of the work is to show the modern woman - heiress feminist ideas - and how her alter ego has changed today. The image of raptor  is a representation of the fossil cold-blooded reptiles, on the one hand,  and on the other - a modern hero of the mass media.

The art-work “Hava” is a part of the "Pop Utopia" global art-project by Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova.

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