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March, 2024

Galina Bleikh becomes a host of the international platform ISAST LEONARDO / LASER TALKS JERUSALEM – a meeting place and dialogue between artists and scientists.
The first Talk Jerusalem took place on 14, April 2024.

Theme of the talk: International art and science lab exchange, sharing experiences

The "International Art and Science Lab Exchange: Sharing Experiences" Laser Talks event in Jerusalem is being organized by the Jerusalem INEMEA Art & Science Lab in collaboration with CYLAND Media Art Lab, founded in 2007 by independent artists and curators.
The INEMEA Art & Science Lab is a newly established institution dedicated to fostering collaboration among artists, scientists, and technologists. The lab invites international communities to share experiences and ideas, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration to address contemporary challenges and drive societal progress.
The INEMEA Lab focuses on bioart, Art&Ai, and humanitarian sciences, such as gender issues and border sciences, utilizing the expertise of our creative teams to develop and execute projects in these areas.

INEMEA has extended invitations to participate in the Laser Talks discussion to Professor Nina Czegledy from Toronto, who is an artist, independent curator, researcher, and educator; Jaime Alonso Lobato from Mexico City, who is a transmedial artist, composer, curator, and researcher; as well as Bella Harutyunyan from Yerevan, who is GTC manager, Enterprise Incubator Foundation.

The Laser Talks event in Jerusalem is an international conversation affiliated with the 6th Jerusalem Spring Biennale. Jerusalem venues will host 30 exhibitions featuring the participation of over 200 renowned artists and curators worldwide. The Biennale is organizing a diverse events program to be held in all gallery spaces throughout the seven weeks of the event.

Chaired/Moderated by:
LASER JERUSALEM / Galina Bleikh and Daria Kesler

LASER Talks CYLAND / Anna Frants and Natalia Kolodzei

LASER Jerusalem.png
2024-04-16 - CYLAND - LASER Talks Jerusalem-splash-web.png

April, 2024

Galina Bleikh becomes the creator and director of the INEMEA Laboratory for Art and Science, which brings Israeli artists together with scientists to develop their ideas and implement Science Art projects.

April 11–17, 2024

Galina Bleikh becomes the curator of the Just Scan Me! International Exhibition, Jerusalem House of Quality.
In today's world, each of us holds a smartphone in our hands — a portal through which we connect to reality. We offer an actuale exhibition format where there is nothing tangible — no physical representations or references, except for the doors, the keys to which lie in your hands. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone, and the door will open. Behind each of these doors is a piece of art created by new media artists. 
As Quentin Meillassoux once said, "Сonsequently manifestation is not the givenness of a world, but rather an intra-worldly occurrence."


March 20 – April 29, 2024

Galina Bleikh becomes the co-curator and participating artist of The Art and Nomads: Multiple Horizons. International Exhibition, The Spring 2024 Jerusalem Biennale,  The "President Hotel" Art Center (in collaboration with the main curator of the Jerusalem Biennale: Rami Ozeri, co-curators of the Exhibition: Nataliya Kamenetskaya, Jangsuk Noh).



Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova with their mutual project "Simulacro-Centric World" are included in the index of New Media Artists published by CICA Museum, South Korea.

(New Media Art, CICA Museum // CICA Press, S. Korea, 2022)


The Catalog of New Media Art, CICA Museum // CICA Press, S. Korea, 2022


November 8–16, 2022

Galina Bleikh takes part in “ArtPlatformOn” International network in Gwangju, South Korea.

The exhibition is followed by the ‘Art Bridge, Related to Earth Environment’ conference, featuring Yujin Lee (South Korea), Nataliya Kamenetskaya (Israel), Solongo Tseekhuu (Mongolia), Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium), and Galina Bleikh (Israel).


Art Intersection, the ArtPlatformOn Project 2022 

Art & Environment=CROSSING

November 8—16, 2022

Miro Center and LEELEENAM Media Art Museum, Gwangju

Hosted by International Visual Culture Art Association

Curated by Noh Jungsuk 

Supported by Gwangju Metropolitan City


Art Bridge, Related to Earth Environment

November 9, 2022 

Miro Center, Gwangju


Galina Bleikh. Thinking Spherically. Digital image by 360-degree VR map generator 

Today using precise instruments, scientists have determined that trees have consciousness, are capable of transmitting information to other plants, birds, and insects, and even form neural networks for communication. 
It is interesting to note that the Bible compares man to a field tree (Deuteronomy 20:19). However, trees, unlike humans, do not have a brain – a special organ responsible for consciousness. 

An organ like this is the tree itself, from roots to crown. It seems that the trees have a 360° coverage of space as a result of this spherical vision.
As a new media artist, I am interested in translating this feeling into the language of art, using a VR mapping generator to cover a 360 degree space.

For this purpose, I chose my favorite olive tree, which grows near my house. This tree is unusual. It was rescued from death and transplanted in a new location, which lies near the spot where it used to grow in the territory of a small town near Jerusalem. The tree has now become the town's symbol. It is 2000 years old, and it certainly "remembers" ancient times. We can use its biological memory as a kind of "database" of our planet. 

With 360-degree mapping VR technology, I can “turn on” spherical vision and create a cosmogonic feeling of the Creation of the world, which this tree evokes. After all, we live in a three-dimensional spherical universe.
In my art, I aim to create dialogue between natural objects and new technological reality, which becomes a real co-author of my art works.


The Catalog of ArtPlatformOn Exhibitions and Conference, S. Korea, 2022


The Catalog of ArtPlatformOn Conference, S. Korea, 2021

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