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1 px #4be5ff: The Symbol of the Digital Civilization
by Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova (@HNN_Art)

The image, which is 1 px in size, has the color parameter #4be5ff. It is our own unique artwork, defining the code of the "new gold" of the digital civilization. We define this color as #4be5ff and proclaim it as the symbol of the new crypto-age.

We use artistic methods to study the new relationship between humanity and money that has emerged as a result of the new blockchain technologies. In the previous epoch, gold served as the representation of the projection of the emanation of light into the material world. In our own age of network culture, the light of this emanation is being moved into the sphere of activity of the global network, being projected into it in the form of computer codes, which are turning into a new form of money – cryptocurrency – before our eyes.

As artists who make use of color as a symbolic, cultural, digital, and energetic resource, we declare that this new projection signifies a "new gold", and that it has a greenish-bluish #4be5ff nature.

We consider “1 px #4be5ff” as the Malevich's “Black Square” of the digital civilization.

 Its size is due to the fact that in the digital world, one pixel is a unit of imagery.


Quarics NFT Art Project

Quick Recognition Code

My NFT Art Collection of animated GIFs is called “Quarics” (Quick Recognition Code). My Quarics offer you to put together puzzle and find there unusual creatures! My intention is to examine how the mechanism of human brain recognize images. I play with ubiquitous machine-readable QR codes comparing them with brain-readable ones.

The human ability to recognize images is one of those things we just don't think about. But throughout the course of a day, we rely almost constantly on our brain's ability to pick out images. If we couldn't distinguish between all of them, our life could get pretty confusing.

by Galina Bleikh


I am excited to form part of, an art project & fundraiser fighting breast cancer, fighting for equality in Web3 and advocating against censorship in art. NFTitties dropping for 0.1 ETH each throughout October aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Check out to find out more.

This image uses a quote from the famous painting by Sandro Botticelli "Portrait of a Man with a Medal". Instead of a medal, you see here an image of a boob.
In my work, I symmetrically respond to Marcel Duchamp's Y.H.O.O.K. - the most famous female image of Gioconda by Leonardo Da-Vinchi with a mustache painted on her face. To correct an imbalance in art history, I added female boob to Botticelli's most famous male portrait.

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